Living in a COVID World: A Guide for Seniors

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How to enjoy life, safely.

Not that long ago, the words coronavirus, COVID-19, and social distancing weren’t in our vocabulary. Now our lives are built around them. At Richfield, we’ve found that ensuring our community’s safety doesn’t have to be at the expense of feeling connected. 

In our COVID Guide for Seniors, we explore how you may enjoy the same.

In this guide we’ll:

  • Share some of the tips and practices we’ve put in place on our campus that you can follow at home
  • Answer your questions about living safely as a senior in the COVID-19 world.

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"Having my mother here at Richfield has been so comforting for us to know she is being well cared for and she is happy as well. I love Richfield because it gives my mother a sense that she is still at home. It gives me and my sister peace of mind, and it gives my father gratification that he is doing what is best for his spouse."

DONOVAN | Joseph C. Thomas Center